arcane obscura

Chapter 1


The party, all with ties to winterborrow leave to search for a caravan that is carrying supplies necessary for the survival of the hamlet. Residents are holed up in the inn, those with a decent amount of wealth are in their personal residences. The travelers come across the leader of an elite band of goblins who offers the goods from the raided caravan in exchange the group is to meet with the leader of a local goblin tribe. They suspect there is something more to the goblin in that he is apparently under the guise of a glamor spell. The goblin tribal leader confesses to being bullied by a white dragon who must be removed to prevent further shipments being commandeered to furnish the white dragons lair. Preparations take place and a pair of adventurers join the original group as they trek north to find the white dragon. They increasingly come across undead in addition to the normal Yeti that commonly attack travelers. While traveling through the forest to the north they are attacked by an intelligent tiger and are given no choice but to slay her. The party comes in contact with a patrol of the Shivermoore honor guard as they leave the forest. They are not questioned after they express their intent to confront the white dragon in the area. The Dragon attacks at night but is forced to flee leading the party away from its lair. The party finds a road after a battle with 2 ogres and they discover that the treasure the ogres carried was the possession of a noble from a local city.

The party is attacked by a couple former members of the shivermoore honor guard. They take the archer hostage. He offers to lead them to the white dragons lair and with his aid the dragon is defeated. He shares the story of how he was lead to a darker path because of an oath that the honor guard must take. Though their is debate over what is to be done with him the party decides to change his ways.



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