arcane obscura

Dagran Thunderhammer's Tale

A dwarf tells a tale

If not fer the acts of great men we would not be here this yule. Ye all be knowin’ of who I speak. Those Hobgoblins n bugbears beared down on us hard. Were it not fer those who lived quiet enough among us both before and after the scuttlebutt the kingdoms had we’d all be layin dead walkin around here in the grips of undeath. Dis has been a hardy town since me n me brudder comed down from the hills and settled this bar. Ye all did good in breedin heroes. Taenis, Mavis, Heluna, Silvarius, Rico, Derek, Lauchin, an Hadyn, you will remember these names and make em known to yer grandchildren, and they’ll tell bedtime fables to their grandchildren. These be our heroes and we are not fer forgetting em’.



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