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Mavis' Maunderings - Volume 1 chapter 1

The Dragon Duel

It’s been nearly 3 months since I left my church to help Winterburrow. I only spent a short time there before I discovered that what the citizens needed wasn’t an extra helping hand but someone to defend them from assailants.

The town was troubled because their caravans were not arriving as they should be. So they gathered up a few brave souls to march out and determine what went wrong, if anything. I volunteered for the mission, as did a Human named Taenis who served in the recent war, a Halfling by the name of Rico who’s past position was a privateer and also an Elven Maiden by the name of Haluna.

A few days later we found the looted wreckage of a capsized cart. At first it seemed that the danger was merely goblin bandits raiding the supply caravans but it turns out once we found them and questioned one, that a young white dragon was goading the goblins. The goblins were being forced to feed the dragons lust for treasure so they turned to looting the poorly protected provisions that travel from Graywall Keep to Winterburrow.

Our group agreed to help the goblins with their dragon dealings. In exchange they would be required to end their attacks on our supply trains. First we went to Greywall Keep to seek additional support from there. We found 2 new companions there by the names of Silvarious and Derek. Silvarious turned out to be quite a woodsy wonder, while Derek’s strengths lay in… well strength. The strength of Kord that is.

Once again we were off, our sights set on Shivermore, now a group of six. The goblins had given us one mere month to deal with the dragon, after which time they threatened to resume their raiding. And it just so happened that that was just about how much time it took to travel there.

We rushed along the snowy slopes for several weeks. On our way we were rushed by a white tiger. But this tiger was different. This tiger talked! Not only did it talk, it demanded a toll for our passage through it’s territory. It threatened to kill us if we did not pay. I could not abide such a cruel bargain so I told it that we were not afraid of it, we wanted no quarrel but if it wanted a fight, it had one. A few hours later we laid in it’s lair enjoying a merry meal while it’s rotting carcass rested in the snow.

One day the route we choose got steeper and rocks began to jut from the smooth white planes. It was a little over three week in to our trip when we started talking about a plan to beat our scaily friend. That very night the dragon got the drop on us. Sinking our camp in 10 feet of snow. Taenis started a discourse with it while the rest of us climbed out of the clever trap.

Once he learned that the dragon intended to keep pushing all of the goblinoids in the area to get him more gold and bounty, Taenis attacked for he could not tolerate such tyrany. I tried to get them to stop their combat but it was no use. The dragon was daunting but with the six of us there we were able to turn the tide. That’s when he dove beneath the snow and escaped our grasp.

With out knowing where to find his cave we left then for the nearest town in hopes of learning more. On our way we ran into some ogres who had themselves run into a noble just before us. We beat the ogers and kept the things the dead noble had been carrying.

That night Rico determined that two men were on the tail of the noble. They found him in the shallow grave we dug for him, then they came seeking us. “Give us the things the noble had or your lives are forefit!” The Knight shouted at us. It would seem, I am discovering, that everything in these lands seek profit through violence. At any rate we bested the Knight while his archer friend fled.

Lauchin, as it would turn out the archers name was, didn’t get far however before Silvarious ran him down. We striped him and the fallen Knight of their things – Rico getting a very nice shirt of shiny chain out of the deal. Now we had Lauchin as our prisoner.

With his help, we were able to find the dragons den and lure him there. It was a very dangerous plan but it worked and we soon shared in the spoils of victory.

With the dragon defeated we then made our way to Cold Town where we traded some of the booty we had aquired on our journey for some fancy new gear. I got myself a set of fancy new Full Plate armor and had the scales of the white dragon turned into a magnificent sheild. Silvarious, needing no worldly possesions of his own chipped in and got me a very nice amulet that assists in healing, especially during combat.

We stayed in Cold Town for only one week however for we feared that Winterburrow could still be in trouble. The dragon told us that the goblins were scattered while we were away, but in their place were a great many tribes of hobgoblins and bugbear looking to prey on the weak.

With out further ado we then made haste back to Winterburrow.



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