Mavis Arkivus

Paladin/Cleric of Wee Jas


Race: Half-elf, Male

Appearance / Description:
Hair Eyes Height Weight Age Alignment
Bronze Ruby 5’2” 128 lbs 28 Lawful Good

Class: Paladin – 2 Cleric – 3

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
16 12 16 13 18 16
Hitpoints Armor Class
50 22
Saving Throws
Fortitude Reflex Willpower
+10 +5 +10
Resistances Initiative
Cold 5 -5

Feats: Sacred Boost, PallyCleric* (House Rule Feat), Improved Toughness, Unreactive

Traits: Half-Elf traits, Abrassive

Class Abilities: Paladin – Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Smite Evil 1xday, Divine Grace Cleric – Turn Undead | Domains – Death/Mind Spells/Day: 0-level (3) | 1-level (3+1) | 2-level (2+1)

Combat: Weapon – Ice Battle Axe – Hit/Dmg – +8/1d8+4 Armor – M.W. Full Plate, Heavy White Dragon Scale Shield +1

Additional Equipment: (Magical or Special) Amulet of Retributive Healing Ice Cup!


Mavis, my given name, and a curious puzzel box are all I have of my family heritage.

I was left on the door step of a religious temple as an infant. (a typical background story of many who choose the adventuring path no?) As a Half-Elf with no parents I tried to make allies of those in the temple with me. But most who serve the Goddess of Secrets, Wee Jas, have a very grim outlook on life. I made a few friends of the other boys in my clases at the temple/school, but they all grew up before I and our friendships drifted apart.

There is an inner turmoile within me between the teachings of Wee Jas and the good naturedness of my Half-Elven heritage. I tend to be cheerful towards my friends. My enemies however see the dark side of a true follower of Wee Jas. I do not hesitate to tear the souls from my enemies who have proven themselves to be truly evil.

I agree with many of the lessons that Wee Jas would teach and I have choosen to follow her tennants and act upon her will. Bringing life and aid to those who need it, however by the ruling of the ainchent scrptures of Wee Jas, mayham and death are what await any crossing my path who have earned it.

Mavis Arkivus

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